It takes about three months for films to “legally” make it to our living rooms. Three months until movie fans can watch comfortably from their own couches and pause the screen for bathroom breaks (and other necessary “breaks”). That is a long time to wait for this year’s summer blockbusters. Since it can’t be beach time all the time, here are the films you should plan on getting to the theater to see.

Friday June 17 — Finding Dory

Are you ready to find the magic in your own flaws? Are you ready dive into the underwater world of fish being friends and not food? No fin too small. No memory too short. Nemo and Dory are back on June 17. Through the magic of sequels, Dory has a flashback and remembers her family. Nemo being the stellar little dude he is, does not hesitate to join Dory on her cross-ocean adventure. You will love meeting her fun new aquatic friends and you might even do some underwater somersaults when you see the old ones (Yes. Crush is back … totally).

Friday June 24 — Independence Day Resurgence

About 20 years ago, Humanity won the day. The Fourth of July was no longer known as an American holiday, but as the day the world (especially Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum) stood up against the aliens and celebrated our Independence Day. Now it’s time to do it again … but without The Fresh Prince. Don’t worry humanity, Goldblum and a bearded Bill Pullman are back, and they’ve recruited Will Smith’s step-kid from the first film to help. With a budget of $200 million, this will be the special effects film of the summer. Fans will get plenty of aliens, spaceships and historical monuments of Earth being blown to smithereens.

Friday July 15 — Ghostbusters

This film is already causing hysteria among movie nerds. When the trailer was released in early May, the video received 618,000 “dislikes” making it the most disliked movie trailer ever on a Google website. Most movie nerds must be lonely bitter dudes because the obvious difference from the first film is the all female Ghostbuster cast. This may be weird to die-hard fans of the original, but if you enjoyed “Bridesmaids” or any other Melissa McCarthy movie, you’ll dig this flick. Today’s hippest comedic females are going to strap on the proton packs and jump into the ecto-1 to save the day. You ain’t afraid of no ghost? Ghostbusters hits the theaters on July 15. Who you gonna call?