The Internet is a strange, magical and occasionally terrifying place. Here you’ll learn fabulous new things, find countless adorable cat photos (the main purpose of the Internet), and also potentially scar yourself for life. There’s always something cool and weird to stumble upon. Here are a few fun new things from the mystical land of the web.

Scary Meme

The Mystery of _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9

A Reddit user is writing a mildly disturbing alternate history tale in the comments of random Reddit threads. It’s difficult to tell if these are the delusional rantings of a lunatic or a well-crafted modern twist on the traditional serial story format. Maybe this guy thinks all this stuff really happened, maybe it DID really happen, maybe he’s just a really bored creative guy seeking out a new audience. Whatever it is, the creepy sci-fi world he’s building is pretty fascinating and definitely worth a read. It’s constantly being updated, so keep checking back for more (and start from the bottom of the page).


Compare Yourself to a Cheesecake

Someone with a terrible sense of humor compared a girl in her prom dress to a photo of a cheesecake, in what could have been either an insult or a compliment, honestly. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and the crux of the joke probably depends on how this dude personally feels about cheesecake. But a bunch of ladies on Twitter jumped on the opportunity to compare themselves to cheesecake to show their support for the original girl and turn a dumb comment into a funny girl power movement. Hence the hashtag #compareyourselftoacheesecake2016 was born. If you ever wondered how many similarities people can share with desserts, wonder no more.


Tweet and You Shall Receive

Ya know when you turn on the TV to watch something but get distracted by a different show? That happened to a guy who was trying to find a baseball game but accidentally turned on hockey instead. Despite knowing nothing about hockey, he decided to watch for a while and ended up getting really into the action. He live tweeted his newly discovered appreciation for hockey and caught the attention of his local team’s official Twitter account. They welcomed him to the cult of “Hockey Twitter” and offered him free tickets to go experience a game in person.


These Buildings Look Evil

Ever see a building and think, “I bet a super villain lives there”? Turns out that is a common thought. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to pictures of buildings that look like they would totally be the secret lairs of evil doers. If you happen to be an up-and-coming villain, it’s great inspiration for your future evil lair.