Spinning records joins the growing “Internet of Things” list with a new digital turntable, bringing your analog music to the digital world through social sharing and streaming.

The two color options for TRNTBL

The two color options for TRNTBL

The TRNTBL, as it’s named, streams music through bluetooth speakers, AirPlay devices or Sonos speakers. Audiophiles can rest easy, as the company behind the device, called VNYL, said the streamed audio files are uncompressed – maintaining analog music’s high quality.

VNYL isn’t new to innovating the analog industry. The company operates a vinyl curating service that allows members to create a profile based on their favorite artists and “vibe” they can change each month. The team at VNYL then selects three records “you will love” and sends them your way – to keep.

A turntable playing music through bluetooth and other digital speakers isn’t a new concept, and VNYL is aware of this. What sets the TRNTBL apart is its ability to identify songs and feed the info to Spotify – a process known as “scrobbling.” This allows for listeners to create a digital playlist based on their analog library and share the music with their friends and followers.

Spin it and share it.

Spin it and share it

“I think as our listening behaviors change to streaming, it’s important we find ways to bridge the worlds together for all types of listeners to continue to share music together,” said Nick Alt, the founder of VNYL.

Streaming is the sole option for playback though. Unlike other record players that offer bluetooth capability as an additionally option, TRNTBL has no audio outputs. This means listeners don’t have the option to hook up traditional speaker hardware.

TRNTBL is expected to ship this summer at the retail price of $420, or for the pre-order cost of $351.