While wondering what to do for New Year’s Eve this month, Jason Rodriguez (brand director over at Strata) messaged me and answered my question almost as soon as it was posed. As it turns out, Strata and Duvin Design Co. just so happen to be hosting a little New Year’s Eve bash in downtown Jax later this month.

I did a quick interview with Jason to see what their NYE party was all about, as well as catch up with the local clothing brand and find out what exactly they’ve been up to lately.

So what has Strata and yourself been up to lately? How are things going with the brand?

Hey Zach, we have been mad busy. A ton of new projects within the last couple years. We moved our main offices to downtown Jacksonville and expanded to California. We are solely producing limited quantities online and collab artist pop-up stores starting in 2018. We also started a music and events subdivision of the brand called STRATA Sounds.

You guys recently moved your HQ to the downtown area, what was the reason for that?

Yes, we did actually at the beginning of 2017. It was a huge step for us, but my brother had a vision and we went with it. We have always loved the city feel and we want to add to the growth that Jacksonville is about experience downtown.

Why do you feel like it’s so important to rep our downtown and build that area up?

Jacksonville is definitely on the verge of booming, I mean you can already see it. We want the way we build it up to be different than everything else that is going on down here. We love fashion, music and throwing parties. That’s what we want to bring to the table.

What’re all the details on the NYE event you have coming up? What can people expect?

For those that know our crew we have been throwing parties since we started. We have been thinking of doing NYE for quite some time, but it wasn’t right. Now, we are throwing our first annual New Year’s party in downtown Jacksonville. We will be collaborating with our good friends over at Duvin Design Co. for the first year. You can put two and two together and figure out that the party will be at our new warehouse space. But you will only be given the address once you RSVP and purchase a ticket online. The first 100 pre-sale tickets receive a free gift — a collab acid denim jacket branded Duvin x STRATA with the title of the party, “Another Year In Paradise.” Entry to the party includes complimentary cocktails and beer by Aardwolf Brewery with heavy hors d’oeuvres. Special thanks to Duvin, Redbull, Bangarang Events, We the Plug, Aardwolf Brewery, Philip Bennett Walker Designs, Nico Suave and Elizabeth Sarah Collections for helping to put this on.

Duvin Design Co.

Tell me more about the collaboration with Duvin. How did that come about?

We have always had a tight relationship with the guys at Duvin. We started around the same time years ago, although we each have of our own niche. Duvin is a fun, witty fashion brand, while our style is a bit more black and white with a music-driven, street feel. I thought, “what better way to bring together two brands?” Modern beach meets the city. You’ll have to attend to see how we are going to make the lounge and party feel like you are at the beach — hence “another year in paradise.” We chose a denim jacket because we felt like that spoke volume and would be a cool gift to guests for coming to party with us.

When we spoke a while back, you mentioned that you guys are pushing your Strata Sounds brand. Can you fill me in on what that is?

My brother and I have always been into music growing up. We have always gifted our artist friends in our clothes. After a while, it started to pick up in the music industry. We kept coming back to the name “Strata Sounds” and we just went for it as a subdivision of the parent company. We launched it with the purpose to push our drive for music. SS curates/produces music festivals and events. We brought on our good friends Spencer Sinclair, Marshall Wand and Chavante Flakes who see our same vision to help on the project that is aligned with our brand identity.

Any big events with Strata Sounds for 2018? Anything you can share with us?

2018 is going to be wild for us between events, collaborations, pop-up stores for both East Coast and West Coast. A few I can briefly touch on:

  • Long Weekend Music Festival in Gainesville (February 3)
  • Long Weekend Summer Tour
  • New Location for Border Bash with Social Academy in October
  • Los Angeles Pop-Up

We do want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has supported the label since the beginning. We look forward to getting down with you all for NYE.

Visit strataclothing.com and duvindesign.com for more.