If you’re having trouble finding time taking care of your green friends, South Korean startup company Nthing has a solution.


Planty is a self-sufficient pot for your plant that monitors the health of your plant and relays the information to the Planty app on your smartphone. The sensors on the pot record the soil humidity and temperature to alert you when your homie needs your assistance.

The pot has a 17 oz. tank that wraps around the plant to keep them hydrated. But apart from the main watering feature, the smart-pot lets you know if your plant is too dry, needs more light or if the surrounding temperature needs to be adjusted.

planty 3

It’s easy to set up too. Planty just requires that you plant the little guy, plug it in and fill up the water tank. Then, you just need to get the app, connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re ready for some remote gardening.

Today, about 500 backers have contributed a little over $100,000 dollars to the startup company and have finished mold production according to their last update. In order to get your plant in one of these new “smart-pots” the company needs to get feedback from a test batch of pots. If the test batch impresses customers and investors then the next step is to start mass production. This project hasn’t come without delays, but Nthing has promised on its Kickstarter that manufacturing will be in the works on the next update.

“Sorry again for the official delay, but please keep in your mind that we are doing our best to better Planty. Thanks again for your understanding and support. We promise you that we will open the manufacturing scene of Planty factory on the next update.”