Jacksonville NASL

Steve Livingstone will now be using his incredible knowledge of sports in the soccer world. The highly-admired sports professional was named the first club president of the Jacksonville North American Soccer League expansion team. Livingstone has 23 years of involvement with sports management, and will lead the new soccer club as it prepares to begin play in the spring of 2015.

Sunshine Soccer Group CEO and team owner Mark Frisch says “We’re thrilled to have Steve join us as our new team’s first soccer president. He has extensive knowledge and experience in starting up and bringing great success to professional sports teams and comes to us with a rich background including more than 20 years in professional soccer in the UK and football with the NFL. I know Steve is the right man to lead our new franchise and grow our new fan base here in Jacksonville and beyond.”

The next step in welcoming this new sport to Jacksonville is finding a great name for the team. Frisch’s goal is to involve the fans in this welcoming process as much as possible, and he recently announced a competition to find the perfect name for the Jacksonville team. The competition is said to begin soon, and the club will ask fans to send in their suggested names by registering at www.jaxnasl.com. Here’s the greatest part of all. The fans who suggest the name that the club selects as the winner will be entered into a drawing to win a trip to a  professional soccer game in the UK.

So why is the NASL an amazing thing for Jacksonville?

1. It shines light on the great soccer community in North Florida.

2. It shows that Jacksonville wants to be a part of the overall growth of soccer as a sport in the states.

3. It has economy benefits.

4. The youth will benefit tremendously from it. (A lot of teams in NASL have Youth Academy’s)

5. It gives Jacksonville it’s first professional soccer team since 1982.

6. It will help with our bid for a future MLS team.


Pretty much, the NASL will be a great addition to North Florida, and we are excited to welcome soccer to the area! For more information on the Jacksonville NASL, visit Jax NASL