At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, iconic Newport Beach-based surf/skate/snow brand Volcom, famous for its wildly creative teams and youth-against-establishment ethos, began encouraging everyone to #stayhomeforthis . The “this” in the brand’s catchy hashtag is broadly defined, but centered around a return to normalcy; in Volcom’s case “this” would be a return to the kind of far-out ragers and arts-focused gatherings the brand has been executing since inception. And, certainly, they’d like it if everybody could get back to skating and surfing.

On Thursday, Volcom asked its followers to join them–by staying home, of course. But the brand also asked that we all look through the immense amount of images we’ve all archived on our little pocket computers, too. Here’s what they want from us:

What’s hiding in your camera roll? Amazing adventures? Ridiculous moments with your friends? With your help we can spread some joy and happiness during this difficult time and inspire others to remember the epic world out there that we are Staying Home to protect… Join us because TOGETHER we can get back to THIS! #StayHomeForThis

Void’s staying home, as well. And we’ll be joining Volcom in sharing some of the things we’re looking forward to getting back to. We wanna see yours too.