With kids out of school, many parents have had to manage the role of co-teacher while also fulfilling the role of their actual full-time job remotely. Anyway, we think everyone, young and old, could use a break. So we asked some local artists to send us some illustrations for you to color.

Typically we encourage everyone to color outside the lines, or draw their own. Given the circumstances, we think it’s best we all stay inside (the lines). Print these for yourselves and have at it!

Artist: Ryan Newhouser, AKA Housa
Born in Ocala and molded in Jacksonville, artist Ryan Newhouser is a corporate designer gone rouge. After years of churning out design work for major companies, Newhouser (whose artist nom de plume is Housa), embarked on a mind-expanding, cross-country road trip, deciding to go full-freelance upon his return to Jax. Since then he’s weathered the tornados of ridiculous event posters, galeforce winds of failed personal projects, paintings, and illustrations, while weatherproofing his passion projects by offering custom creative solutions for local business.
IG: @housacreative
Web: housacreative.com

Artist: Kiara Sánchez
For two years now, Void Magazine has had a secret weapon: our Sr. Designer, Kiara Sanchez. Whether we need a series of doodles to accent a particular feature, or a flyer for one of Bold Brand’s various community events, or a tastefully designed advertisement, Kiara’s locked and loaded. A talented and accomplished artist of Puerto Rican descent who keeps herself busy and creatively fulfilled with commission work via her own art website, Kiára earned a fine arts degree from Flagler College in St. Augustine before joining the Void team in 2017, where her lethal creative skills (and quirky obsession with the late-80s retiree-centric sitcom The Golden Girls) have made her standout member of our staff.
IG: @kiartist
Web: kiartist.com

Artist: Ty Williams
St. Augustine by way of Maine artist Ty Williams is well known beyond the borders of Northeast Florida for his whimsical illustrations and quirky mixed media pieces. Over the last decade, the 34-year old Williams has painted murals around the globe while providing illustrations and design work for brands like Patagonia, Banks Journal and Warby Parker, collaborating on a laundry list of surf-y projects, and even displaying his artwork alongside renowned artists like Geoff McFetridge and Shepard Fairey. Williams’ illustrations – which utilize humor and soft mark-making techniques reminiscent of the folk art works of Margaret Kilgallen, or the irreverent creations of Thomas Campbell – make use of a bright, tropical-inspired palette reminiscent of the vibrancy of Caribbean, where he lived until his late pre-teen years.
IG: @tywillyums
Web: ty-williams.com

This feature originally appeared under the headline “Color Me Quarantined” in Void Magazine’s April 2020 digital issue. CLICK HERE to read it

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