While the world’s greatest surfer has only yet offered to help us through these tough times by serenading us with an original “song,” local surf star turned fitness guru Cody Thompson is using his platform to help in more tangible ways. Not one to sit still, the most celebrated surfer to come out of Duval in the last decade–he has his own day, after all–is used to teaching several fitness classes per day at his Atlantic Beach Thompson Performance facility, while squeezing in a surf session (or two) at local breaks.

So you know this (recommended) shelter-at-home order has been killing the kid!

Again, not one to sit on his hands, Thompson’s still using those hands to handle, then push and pull substantial weight while remaining in isolation. And he’s hoping others might just be motivated (bored?) enough to do the same. He’s released a an at-home workout, which only requires one dumbbell, to help you stay fit while focusing on your health and the health of those around you by staying home.

Recently, in a hilarious video Thompson shared to his Facebook page, the fitness coach can be seen packing a bag, with the words “Wife: where do u think ur going?” above, before it’s revealed that the bag is being filled only to serve as sufficient heft for an impromptu workout. “Me: Gainzville” is the text response below the vid.

Well played, Cody!

Check out Thompson’s workout video below and be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel. If you keep up with these workouts, perhaps you’ll be ready to drop by a class or two after things get back to normal. For now: head to Gainzville!