Did you know that Florida has the highest rates of identity theft complaints? That Americans drank the most coffee in the 1950s? Or that ecstasy is considered safer than alcohol and tobacco for your body? Where is all this information coming from?

A website, which can be viewed here, has assembled a seemingly endless list of various statistics and correlations, all laid out in interesting graphics. From the price of Apple products to the heaviest people in the world, and even how often people of each country shower, there is a visual for almost anything you might want to learn about. dadaviz.com, the name of the site, even offers a simple ability to share these stats on social media.

Scroll down for a quick sample of these graphics:the-heaviest-people-in-the-world-1424784760.73-9812598how-often-people-in-various-countries-shower-1424680755.21-1706928


Earth Map

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