So you’re probably like the majority of Americans who were too busy watching Netflix (or watching anything else that didn’t involve politics) to catch last night’s State of the Union Address. Well luckily for you, we at Void have broken down the entire speech into simple to understand GIFs. Think of it as a sort of State of the Union highlight reel.

State 11

The fist bump into a ‘splosion. One of the many “top secret” handshakes.

The speech began with some seriously badass secret handshakes, only known to the White House elite until now.

State 12

The shoulder-to-sternum bump.

Once all were settled, Obama began his speech.

State 6

As things got underway, Obama took the time to brag about how he won a couple of presidential elections … no biggie.

State 3

… which VP Biden thought was pretty hilarious.

State 1

“Suck it Romney.”

But about 75 percent of the speech was spent like this …

State 15

Clapping …

State 14

… and clapping …

State 9

Followed by more clapping. Except for the times that John Boehner was busy wiping his nose all night.

State 2

*blows nose loudly*

Forcing Obama to stop his speech and ask, “You good Bone?”

State 13

“Sorry B. Continue.”

State 10

With the speech coming to a close, some were struggling to stay awake, like Dr. Ernest Moniz here, the Secretary of Energy.

State 7

In a desperate attempt to regain the focus of the youth, Obama told NASA astronaut, Scott Kelly, to Instagram that hoe when he gets to space, which might be hard since the WI-FI isn’t so good up there.

State 5

But Obama don’t care. This speech is just another W on the board.

State 8

So until next time, Obama out.