Dear Void Readers:

Well, nothing like hysteric toilet paper hoarding and indefinite isolation in the midst of an open-ended global pandemic to make the work of a regional culture and lifestyle publication feel small, right? 

In any event, we wanted to check in. We hope you and your loved ones are safe. We’ve been thinking about you a lot. Your state of mind. Your physical well-being. And how we can best be of service to the community we’ve dedicated 10 years and 100-plus issues to. 

LPT in full flight at our Void on Vinyl Release Party || Photo: Brantman

Photo: Brantman

We’ve always strived to strike a positive note in what we print on our pages and post to our various social feeds. We cover people crafting good music, cool art, and inventive food and drink. We find folks doing good. We love people who just make stuff for the sake of making it. 

And those are the things that find their way onto the pages of our mag, which we offer to you, the community we love, for free

Yep… free. It’s free because of all the businesses, small and large–but mostly small–that advertise between the front and back cover of each issue. In short: if they struggle, we struggle.

Void EIC welcoming friends and family to our headquarters in Jax Beach for a cover art show featuring local artists. || Photo: Montez

Beaches garage rock kids, Cherry Springer performing at Void HQ || Photo: Montez

These are tough times. And it looks like this economic storm is going to change life as we know it in the long term. It’ll be a tough stretch for us and the businesses that help us bring all this cool stuff to your eyeballs. 

We, like many, are adapting. On our website you’ll find we’ve shifted a big chunk of our focus to bringing attention to and awareness of local businesses changing offerings and services. We’ve started a running list of Jacksonville artists’ livestream concerts so our readers can continue to support them, whilst social distancing. And, because there are few places to pick up Void Mag at the moment, we’re dropping our April issue digitally. 

Print is not dead. Instead, just as something like one in three Americans are, it’s in quarantine. We love print. Probably more than we should. So we’re keeping the next print issue of Void Mag under a shelter-at-home order until we’re all safe. And when that day comes, and when we’re all out and about–socializing, high-fiving and hugging, sharing meals or drinks–Void will be there for you to pick up. 

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Real Talk: This whole thing has been rough and is likely to get worse. Certainly, our ability to do great work is dependent on the success of those that support us. But we also thrive on the connections–the gatherings, the concerts, the meals, the gallery shows, the social happenings–that make this city worth living in. 

Helping you helps us. So let us know how we can help. We love what we do. See you soon.

Viva La Void,
Void Mag Team