Have a business idea you’ve been marinating on? Well it’s time to crank up that artisanal mash-potatoes food truck. Time to cut the tape on that vintage puka shell necklace retail space. Don’t sleep on launching that Polka music pop-up locator App. Get crackin’! Because Jacksonville is one of the best large cities in America to start a business, according to new rankings calculated by Wallet Hub.

The Bold City of the South came in at #12 behind other growing municipalities in our region like Atlanta (#9), Raleigh (#8), Miami (#3), and Orlando (#1!). Wallet Hub’s study honed in on a variety of factors in order to rank cities, including the region’s “business environment” (startups per capita, job growth, etc.), “access to resources” (prevalence of investors, share of college-educated workforce, etc.), and “business costs” (office space affordability, wage, costs of living, etc.). Jax’s ranking was certainly juiced by the area’s relative business costs, as the city came in second in that category due to its affordability in housing and labor.

So what are you waiting for? Those potatoes won’t mash themselves!

Dig in to Wallet Hub’s methodology and the full rankings here.