By now, pretty much everyone has seen the video of the Starbucks barista using sign language for a deaf customer using the drive-thru, and if you haven’t, here it is in all its glory:

What you may not know about the video is that it was taken in a Starbucks in St. Augustine! That’s right, our buddies down the street started this viral sensation, but soon, this will be available at over 2,400 Starbucks drive-thru locations across the country.

According to Consumerist, the chain will be adding video screens to drive-thru lanes after successfully experimenting with the idea in Seattle. The screen will have a selection of menu items in addition to the potentially cheerful face of the person taking your order.

“It’s about that customer-barista connection,” Haley Drage, a spokeswoman for the company, said.

Ultimately, adding a video screen is about making the experience of shouting at an outdoor speaker more personal. “Our brand is defined quintessentially by the experience in our stores,” founder and CEO Howard Schultz told investors earlier this year, emphasizing one thing that may be even more important than coffee. “And our stores come to life by our people.”