The latest trilogy in the Star Wars universe is about to come to a close, with the final episode to be released in December of 2019. Production has a humongous mountain to climb, due to the death of Carrie Fisher, in December of 2016. Major adjustments to the script have to be made, implicating that in episode IX, General Leia Organa was to be centered in the spotlight, with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo out of the picture.

There’s speculation that CGI will be used continue the legacy of Leia, but Lucasfilm released that they will not digitally recreate the General … despite her family’s blessing to use previous footage shot to continue on with her story. Lucasfilm is intent on having Leia’s Star Wars journey end with “The Last Jedi,” and she will NOT appear at all in the final, unnamed episode IX. With this knowledge, it is possible that there will be a decent time gap between the episodes VIII and IX. What is sure, the beloved General Leia Organa will be given the noble death she deserves because if not, there will be a mob of anger-fueled fans out to get the writers.

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Possibly the most anticipated question that has driven Star Wars fans absolutely insane since the first installment, “The Force Awakens,” is, “WHO ARE REY’S PARENTS?!” If you have attended a showing of “The Last Jedi,” then you know this question was supposedly answered in a conversation between Kylo Ren and Rey, towards the end of the film. In a vision, Ben Solo claims to have seen Rey’s parents, who are no-one and come from nada, nothing and sold her for drinking money to Unkar Plutt.

This is the most anti-climactic answer possible to the question burning a hole through everyone’s Jedi cloaks. While all of our great heroes in Star Wars have come from hot, desert planets and well, nothing, this is difficult to accept. Fans have speculated this cannot be the final answer. Rumors and theories have been intent that Rey is a descendant of the Kenobi or Skywalker lineage, and some even suspect she’s a Palpatine.

I speculate she may be the granddaughter of Senator Palpatine or Darth Sidious. It would be a perfect parallel to the original trilogy — a Skywalker, Darth Vader, studied under Senator Sheev Palpatine or Darth Sidious, while in “The Last Jedi,” a Palpatine, Rey, studies under Luke Skywalker. This parallel scenario could be implemented if she was the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi as well. Personally, I lean more towards her being a descendant of the Palpatine lineage because of how connected she seems to be with the dark and light sides of the Force. On the island of Ahch-To, the dark side calls to her, as we see the dark, ominous hole representing the physical dark side.

When training Rey, Luke is concerned and frightened, when he senses her raw power and natural ability to tap into the Force. Although Rey feels the dark side pulling her, which would be a natural instinct instilled by her grandfather, Darth Sidious, she walks toward the light. This pattern would fall in line with the original trilogy, how Luke Skywalker was able to resist his father and the dark side.

Just some food for thought, considering she is seemingly not a Skywalker based on what we’ve seen from the past two movies.

If you are not convinced, then click this morsel by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

Episode VIII has raised a new question that has been personally driving me up a wall, “Why does Rey say she’s ‘been here before,’ when she’s in the tree that’s holding the ancient Jedi texts on the island of Ahch-To?” The Force works in mysterious ways, seeing how it calls her to the tree housing the books. It is speculated that this island is one she dreams about. So, are these dreams stemming from the Force, calling her to the island that she has never been to? Or maybe had she been there once, before she was abandoned on Jakku? One thing is for sure, there are rarely coincidences in Star Wars, the most minute details down to character’s names are meaningful. This seemingly small detail could be a clue to Rey’s origins and her real parents if Kylo tried to fool us in “The Last Jedi.”

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This next theory is far-fetched, but I can’t let this one go … Supreme Leader Snoke may rise from the dead and return in Episode IX because well, he may be Darth Plagueis. If you do not recognize the name or know who Darth Plagueis is, then think back to “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” when Palpatine and Anakin sit at the elaborate space opera. Palpatine goes on to tell the tragedy of a great Sith Lord who harnessed the ability to cheat death, to slowly lure Anakin to the dark side to save Padme. Think about the following:

There’s a mountain of mystery surrounding Snoke, where did he come from, and where has he been all of this time before his first appearance in “The Force Awakens?”

Where did all of his power originate from and how does someone that powerful not anticipate Kylo’s intentions to turn on him?

Why would he be introduced as a mastermind of the First Order then killed off so effortlessly in “The Last Jedi?”

There may be more to Snoke’s story, he has many scars to prove he has tales to tell and that he is a survivor. It would be a fabulous factor to tie in the prequels even more so to the newer trilogy, if Snoke turned out to be Darth Plagueis. It could also pave way for a movie highlighting Darth Plagueis and his story. If you have not read the novel written by James Luceno, I highly recommend you give it a chance.

The next order of business, Poe Dameron is force-sensitive. If you do not know the history of Poe, the greatest and most fearless fighter pilot in the resistance, then there’s much to learn young padawan. Poe has deep roots tracing back to both of his parents playing major roles that were not highlighted in the original trilogy. In the illustrated graphic novel, “Star Wars: Shattered Empire,” Poe’s mother Sarah Bey, sets out on a covert mission with the young Luke Skywalker to retrieve a sapling from a tree that was once rooted in the heart of the Jedi temple in Coruscant.

Why is this important? Well, there were two saplings retrieved, one of which Sarah kept, and returned home to her husband, Kes, on the planet Yavin IV. She planted the sapling in front of her own home, where Poe grew up right alongside a force-sensitive tree. Oh, here’s the kicker, both of his parents were rebellion fighter pilots as well. So, not only is Poe a naturally gifted pilot thanks to both of his parents, but he spent his life growing with and around this tree. Another curious dilemma, he managed to escape Jakku in “The Force Awakens,” which I believe he could not have even survived the initial crash without the Force. Poe Dameron is definitely force-sensitive, and I’m sure we will be seeing his skills develop even more in Episode IX.

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The final tidbit. A new order of Jedi is to be raised from the ashes of the Resistance. The very last scene of “The Last Jedi” takes place on Canto Bight. There’s a young stable hand, Temiri Blagg, who is pictured walking out of a room into the stables, where he force-grabs a broom. When I initially saw this, it took me by surprise. Then, he pulled out the ring Rose had given to him with the hidden resistance symbol. Of course, in true Disney fashion, this scene to me signifies that the light will continue to thrive even when all hope seems to be lost.

Following the major theme seen about the Force bringing balance to the galaxy. This movie focused more than ever on the force, and the balance it brings to the galaxy.

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Even Snoke himself says to Kylo Ren and Rey that the force is about balance, and that while Kylo grows to become one with the dark side, that his equal of the light would also grow. With the remaining resistance fighters now all hosted on the Millennium Falcon, and the last of the “old” Jedi order watching over as force ghosts, it is only to presumed that a new generation of Jedi will rise — especially considering Rey snagged the ancient Jedi texts from the island of Ahch-To, if you missed that towards the end.

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