Stage diving, along with other concert activities such as crowd surfing, headbanging and moshing, have apparently become a big “no-no” in the music scene. If you haven’t heard or seen the latest reports about pop-“punk” band Joyce Manor publicly shaming people at their shows, watch the videos below.

Watch around the 1-minute mark. Video credit: Cameron Nunez

Another show in Houston. Apparently the band did ask fans not to stage dive at this show. So at least he was forewarned, though the reaction was a bit much.

As you can see in the videos above, Barry Johnson has a little bit of a vendetta against people stage diving and crowd surfing at his shows. To be honest, I thought it was a little much. His reasoning behind the policy? Protecting people, which is totally understandable, he just handled the entire situation terribly.

He would later comment on the fact that Joyce Manor themselves stage dive and crowd surf at their own shows … so maybe he’s a bit of a hypocrite.

The bottom line here is that there needs to be some kind of basic understanding that when you go to hardcore shows, people are going there to cut loose. I mean, the scene is called hardcore for a reason. If you’re in the front row, you should be prepared for these kinds of things to happen.

Austin Ellis, who was at the show here in town on September 21, and is a veteran of the hardcore scene in Jacksonville, added this.

“Crowd interaction is what separates punk from every other genre of music. Even with the softer nature of their music, Joyce Manor is still very much a punk rock band,” Ellis said. “They don’t request barricades to separate themselves from their fans and they play small, very intimate venues. Crowd surfing, is a staple of this genre of music, and while safety should always come first, the respect of everyone who paid to see your band should follow right behind that.”

I was at this show, but in the back where I knew I wouldn’t be involved in any moshing or crowd surfing. This isn’t an argument about being safe at shows, its an argument about not being an asshole. People can stage dive and mosh all they want, but don’t be an ass while doing so. Lastly, knowing things like this are synonymous with the scene might help people protect themselves more than public embarrassment and trying to fight people on stage.