Originating in St. Augustine, Mermaid Life, a woman’s lifestyle apparel brand, is making quite the splash recently. In just a few short years, this niche brand has expanded to over 300 retailers around the U.S., Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands, amongst others. I recently got to sit down with the Marketing Director, Jenna Noland, to see what exactly it is about this brand that has had so much success!

What is the meaning behind Mermaid Life?

Jenna: Mermaid Life® speaks to anyone who loves mermaids, but also characterizes those who are enriched by life on any type of water. When you wear Mermaid Life, you make a statement that you are connected somehow whether it’s surfing, boating, fishing, in a pool, on a beach… etc.

How did Mermaid Life Start?

For years, President and Sea-E-O Milena Lyons saw a need for a lifestyle brand that appealed to the female market. Then Mermaid Life® was born – on a boat.

Where is it sold?

We are based in St. Augustine but we have grown to over 300 stores offering our line. Stores in St. Augustine include: The Sunshine Shop, LYMI Oddities, Nautilus at the Beach, and Tré Sebastian. You can shop online if you don’t have a Mermaid Life® retailer near you at www.mermaidlife.me

What is your favorite Mermaid Life product?

This question is so hard! I’m obsessed with so many of our products, it’s hard to choose. I would say it’s a toss up between the Sparkle Koolies™ or the Mermaid Tail Hoop Earrings.

What is the best part about working for Mermaid Life?

It may sound cliche, but I learn something totally new everyday. Milena is such an amazing business person, she is so fast-paced and great at multi-tasking. It’s really inspiring to work for a new and growing company with a lot of hands on experience. I also have the opportunity to be creative, and our team is so collaborative that it’s really an awesome vibe around the office everyday.

You can check out all things Mermaid on their site, from apparel to hats, drinkware and accessories. And look out for the sparkly koozies at some upcoming Void events!