Prediction before and prediction now, the Golden State Warriors do NOT want a seven-game series with the San Antonio Spurs. It’d be the most challenging, mind-boggling, match-ups for Stephen Curry and Company.

A frustrated, slowed down, ineffective Curry, is what every opponent wants — the Spurs did it. Forcing turnovers, limited and rushed shot attempts for the reigning MVP.

The Spurs are a team very capable of knocking the reigning champs out of another championship ring.

Not to get ahead of the facts presented, but Curry was held 0-6 in the first quarter of their second match-up and was scoreless in the fourth. Ending the game on 4-18 from the field, and 1-12 from the three, for a total of 14 points. For this match-up, Curry was on “fumes!” The Spurs defense put his fire out.

However, the Warriors redeemed themselves and were the first team this season to end the Spurs undefeated home game winning streak. So, the Warriors beat them two out of the three times they matched-up but that’s, “regular season basketball.” Gregg Popovich rested Tim Duncan in the latter match-ups and was also without Boris Diaw.

Yet, in a playoff setting, the Spurs are the more advanced team. They’ve been playing together longer, with few roster changes and IQ beyond many. It only takes the Spurs once to make adjustments and then execute — proven in the second match-up. The Spurs have yet to actually show their new “offensive threats,” that will be utilized for the playoffs once the two teams do match-up again.

In the second round of the playoffs, when the Thunder and Spurs match-up, if the Thunder by chance win, then we will be talking a whole different ball game, and I will have another article written for the massive attack of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Until then, upon speculation, the Warriors and Spurs will be one of the best structured series to watch, favoring a Warriors defeat. With the playoffs nearing, the showdown is about to go down!

By India Santana | Twitter: @_IndiaSantana