Are your current summer jams getting dull already? We’ve got you covered.

Since most bands are already touring and focusing on the biggest summer festivals, many people think of summer as a lull in terms of new releases. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Artists ranging from Disclosure to Beck to Tegan and Sara are dropping new material, and that’s just in this month alone. With the sheer amount and variation in new releases, there’s sick new jams for every summer occasion. Here are a few of my top picks from the past month:

The Avalanches: “Frankie Sinatra”- Single

Melbourne electronic group The Avalanches made their full-length debut with 2000’s plunderphonics masterpiece Since I Left You. The wacky audio collage received critical acclaim, and is one of the most respected electronic albums of the 2000’s. Since I Left You was as fantastic of a debut album as any band could hope for, and it left electronic fans everywhere wanting more. But there wasn’t more. The Avalanches never released so much as an EP for 16 years.

Now, they’re back, releasing a collab with rappers Danny Brown and MF Doom on the single “Frankie Sinatra” from their upcoming full-length Wildflower. This single confirms that not only are The Avalanches amazingly creative, but that they’ve mastered the concept of theme. Their overall sound hasn’t changed, and anyone who’s heard Since I Left You could easily pin this as an Avalanches’ song. However, the use of brand new audio introduces a different sound that wouldn’t have fit in on their 2000 LP. The video is equally as eccentric as their first album’s “Frontier Psychiatrist,” as it centers on carnival attendees trippin’ out after drinking some mysterious, radioactive-looking beverage.

Check it out above, and be on the lookout for The Avalanches second LP, Wildflower, in July!

Petit Biscuit: Petit Biscuit EP

If you’re going through a before-age-30 midlife crisis like everyone seems to nowadays, I’m here to make it worse for you. French artist Mehdi Benjelloun, better known as Petit Biscuit, is just 16-years-old and has already produced several electronic music projects on par with the likes of Flume and Fakear.

His self-titled EP may not have the upbeat and fast-paced sound that one usually expects of a summer jam, but there is absolutely no lack of energy in this kid’s work. Clean and bass-heavy tracks like “Jungle,” posted above, feel right at home at a beach bonfire or a small, chill house party. While I’m disappointed in myself for being five years older and not possessing a tiny fraction of Petit Biscuit’s musical and artistic genius, it’s awesome to see talented people make it big so early in their career.

If you enjoyed Petit Biscuit’s music, you might want to check out Mehdi’s other project, Mount Dreams, with friend and fellow electronic artist LUUUL. Mount Dreams showcases a more dream-pop sound than Petit Biscuit, featuring vocals from both artists.

Coast Modern: “Guru” – Single

Have you ever wanted to hear Santigold-esque instrumentals with vocals reminiscent of Cage the Elephant’s Matt Schultz? Well, now you do. Coast Modern’s “Guru” is the new band’s third single, after releasing “Animal” in February and the breezy, extremely-well-received “Hollow Life,” back in late 2015. It’s not too difficult to pin Coast Modern as being a Los Angeles-based band, as all three singles scream “summertime on the west coast.” Their latest single is perfect for cruising down A1A with the top dropped, or in my case with my 2006 standard Corolla, rolling the window down and pretending my hand is a dolphin. Having released three distinct tracks over the course of eight whole months, Coast Modern has left their new fans desperate for a full-length already.

While there is no official release date for their confirmed upcoming EP, the band is currently on a two-month U.S. tour with The Wombats.

Elvis Depressedly – Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’

What better sound for night-driving on a nearly empty road by the beach than the raw, dreamy grooves of Elvis Depressedly? This album is more of a compilation, as it features the band’s previously released EP, Holo Pleasures, along with another EP of new material called California Dreamin’. 

The compilation is a rollercoaster of moods, with tracks like “Pepsi/Coke Suicide” dripping with summertime sadness, while “Teeth” is appropriate for a backyard pool party playlist. It’s a versatile album that fits in a ton of different settings, without being the least bit generic. It’s emo, but not too emo. It’s minimal, it’s lo-fi, but it demonstrates how high-definition audio theatrics aren’t necessary to create something so memorable and vivid.