When a new band comes together, there’s typically a period of gestation required—months of practice; some stabs at recording; layering, stripping down, and re-layering; a few gigs, more practice, etc.—before the group is ready to produce anything redeeming. 

But right out of the gate, with an idiosyncratic and polished debut single “Welcome Home” (OUT TODAY ON STREAMING PLATFORMS!) local Indie-Emo quintet Modern Violence sound ready to make waves in Northeast Florida. “Tell me something good and I’ll throw it away,” singer/guitarist Jesse Brantman rasps over a sparse groove, foreshadowing the ambient guitar parts and impassioned harmonies to come on “Welcome Home,” a song which the band says is ‘a conversation between two close friends about a toxic relationship.’ It’s a first-rate track that puts the band’s dexterity, lyrical depth, and top-notch chops on display–a rare accomplishment for a debut, to be sure. 

It should be no surprise, though, that the group already has a such a strong sense of identity, as MV’s made-up of a stellar lineup of Jax music vets, including Brantman (Fort Stories), John Shannon (wise river, LANNDS) on keys, Jeremy Blanton (Strangerwolf, Banquet) on bass, Mike VonBalson (Fort Stories, Shangrala) on drums, and newcomer Bobby Marino on guitar. As is evident in “Welcome Home,” which boasts distinctive dynamics, layers of sonic texture, and stirring lyrics, the group came together over a shared love of more melodic approaches to Emo, as well as the beloved late-90s/early 2000s genre’s insistence on brutally honest lyrics and poignant storytelling.

We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more from MV in the coming months. For now, hit play on “Welcome Home” and be sure to follow the band on on IG.