One of the wonderful benefits of living in this fickle surf hub we call North Florida is that waves are never out of reach. We’ve got lots of coastline within driving distance, and our proximity to Central America and the Caribbean makes a surgical strike a reasonable undertaking. Practically every Floridian’s first surf trip is to Costa Rica, if not another Central American country, and if you surf here long enough, and the moody, fleeting Lake Atlantic hasn’t pushed you to into the arms of another hedonistic hobby (golf?), then you are likely more traveled than the average american, and apparently that’s saying something.

Kepo 1

With spring already upon us, it’s also likely you may be in the early stages of planning a summer-surf trip. If so, you’ve probably done some preliminary internet searches, possibly looked into buying a lonely planet book (maybe you’ll splurge on the newest edition), and you may have even started thinking about a new step-up. All of these are par for the course when it comes to surf travel. Your final step will be to find a travel companion, or two, and since we’ve established that you’re on top of things, you’ve likely put some feelers out there. 


Kepo Acero, however, is a different animal. The Basque-bred wanderer has an unquenchable thirst for surf-exploration and life in general. If you haven’t seen his website, which if you don’t read spanish,  you can translate using Google Chrome, is worth checking out. He’s been wandering through Africa as of late, selling his car, which he bids an emotional adios in the accompanying video edit, camping and shredding remote waves to pieces. Kepa seems to go to places on whim, then makes friends on his way, which he then uses as his travel guides, and whether he scores waves or not, he is always stoked. Oh, and he travels mostly alone.

So if you’re summer plans start to fall through, or your buds start bailing, you can always fly solo. Let Kepa inspire you!