It’s time to either sign up for Amazon Prime or borrow your friend/relative’s Amazon Prime information … unless you have your own.

The new show “Sneaky Pete” will have you hooked from the beginning, and all you’ll be thinking about while at work or school is what’s going to happen next in the show. When you look at the cast, only one name will probably stand out to you (that name being “Breaking Bad” lead actor Bryan Cranston). He’s a co-creator of the show, and he plays a main character on it as well.

Now, without giving any spoilers, here’s the general outline of the story.

Marius Josipovic (played by Giovanni Ribisi), starts out the show in prison with his cellmate Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry). Marius is a convicted con man. Pete won’t shut up about his grandparents’ farm he used to visit every summer as a kid. Marius is due to get out of prison very soon, but Pete still has a long time. Before leaving prison, Marius asks where Pete’s grandparents’ farm is. Marius then goes to the farm pretending he’s Pete so his family takes him in. Thus the name Sneaky Pete.

Throughout the show, the family refers to Marius as Pete, but of course, he’s not really Pete.

Something important to note here … the real Pete hasn’t been to the farm in about 20 years. Marius and Pete look similar too, so as far as how realistic the story might be, this part of the story checks out.

The rest of the show revolves around two main storylines:

1. Marius’ attempt to continue living this false life as someone he’s not, while hoping the family never finds out.

2. Marius’ attempt to repay a $100,000 debt he owes to the show’s main bad guy, Vince Lonigan (Bryan Cranston), who is holding Marius’ brother Eddie (Michael Drayer) hostage.

The trick of course for Marius is to somehow find that money to pay to Vince. He’s a con man, so of course he’s not going to give him $100,000 that he honestly earned. He’s got to go about finding a way to steal $100,000.

All throughout the show, there are a lot of cool clips of Marius pickpocketing unsuspecting victims, stealing their watches right off their wrists and, of course, lying like crazy.

Can’t say much else without giving a lot of the show away, but what I will say is this. If you were a Breaking Bad fan, you’ll probably be a “Sneaky Pete” fan. The only downside to it is it’s on Amazon Prime, which isn’t as prominent as Netflix, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, just try to see if you’ve got a pal who can lend you their login information, and you’ll be good.