Marcus Crossland, Skate Dad, on NBC

Marcus Crossland, Skate Dad, on NBC

Marcus Crossland, 27, the man who has recently become famous for kicking his son, Dino, down a 13-foot half-pipe at Kona Skate Park, has finally spoken publicly about the incident after denying countless interviews, in what has become huge news both in the Jacksonville area and on a national level.

For those of you who might not know the details of the ordeal, here’s a quick recap. The Jacksonville native, Crossland, kicked his son off the edge of the biggest half-pipe at Kona Skate Park in an effort to help his son over-come his fear of “dropping in” on the ramp. The 6 year-old boy then tumbled to the base of the ramp and started sobbing.

A teenage boy, who was also at the park skateboarding at the time of the incident, recorded the event on his cell-phone and posted the video to Instagram. Soon after the video was posted, on April 26, it went viral and the next thing we knew, it was gaining attention from media all over the country.

Today, Mon. May 19, Crossland and his wife, Emily White publicly went on the Today Show on NBC to speak about the incident and explain why Dino was kicked off the ramp. They also took the opportunity to apologize for ever allowing such a thing to happen. The link to the interview is listed below.

NBC: Skateboard Dad Breaks His Silence

“It was my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear,” said Crossland in the interview with NBC this morning.

His self proclaimed “bone-head” attempt to use tough love in helping his son over come his fear of the ramp, blew up in his face as he has been threatened, ridiculed and judged by thousands all over the city and country.


“It’s affected our family, it’s affected our day-to-day lives, it’s affected our jobs (and) our household,” said Crossland. He even mentioned that he has considered relocating his whole family in an effort to start fresh and escape the negative attention he has been getting from the local Jacksonville community.

Dino, the 6 year-old boy, is doing well and is in good health. He still skates regularly and hasn’t let the incident hinder his love for the sport, mentioned his parents. He is actually a very skilled skateboarder for his age and apparently still wants to go back to Kona to conquer his fears of the ramp.

Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 1.01.54 PM

Dino skating after the incident.

In all, Crossland is very regretful that the incident played out like it did. ““I’m sorry I used that tactic as opposed to another, I’m sorry for the outcome. Because of a decision I made, my wife and my children and everybody has got to deal with it,” said Crossland.

Crossland’s wife, Emily White, told NBC that life has been really hard since the video surfaced and the most important thing is that her son is fine. Although her son’s safety is her biggest concern, she mentioned that the toughest part of all of this is seeing how her family has been suffering from the incident.

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Marcus Crossland and his wife, Emily White on NBC’s the Today Show.

“You can be the most amazing, kind-hearted, giving person in the world, all it takes is that 2 seconds and people will hate you,” she continued by saying, “He’s really a great dad. He loves children, he loves his family, he’s a hard-worker and he’s an all-around good person,” said White, as she took the time on NBC to stress how the image of her husband portrayed by the media is not the person he really is.

Local authorities like the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office and Florida’s Child Welfare Agency are still looking into the incident as investigations are still on-going. Apparently, Crossland is not allowed back at Kona Skate Park as long as investigations are open, but Dino is permitted to skate at the park if supervised by someone other than his father.

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