Drunktivity (drəNGk-tivədē), noun — An activity more enjoyable under the influence of alcohol.

When people say they don’t need alcohol to have a good time, they probably haven’t downed four sex on the beaches and belted Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” at Karaoke night with friends.

In fact, a London School of Economics study this year found that drinking has the ability to make mundane activities (like watching paint dry) more interesting and enjoyable activities (like socializing) even better, according to the Washington Post.

In an attempt to help our readers rediscover happiness, we’ve compiled a list of six drunktivites to enjoy as responsibly as possible with friends. Don’t forget to party with a designated sober person to babysit the group, too.


Rap Battles

If a conversation becomes dry after a few drinks, it may be a good time to challenge a friend to a rap battle. What could be more fulfilling than spitting clever bars at a bar at someone just waiting to get served? The words may come out unrecognizably slurred, but that just makes them easier to rhyme with.


Dubbing Movies and TV Shows

Just when you thought terrible movies couldn’t be any more hilarious, the mute button, a living room full of friends and a 24-pack of beer steps into the equation. Reminiscent of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” creating improvised dialogue under the spell of a spirit for characters on film can be hilarious. Start by establishing characters when it begins, because it can get confusing, plot holes can occur and commentary may conflict.


Playing Kickball

When inebriated, walking a straight line can be difficult. But this skill can come in handy during a good ol’ game of kickball after eight pulls from the community flask. Think about how many people you can naturally dodge while running to first base! Just be sure to organize the game sober so there aren’t three people playing shortstop.



Along the lines of straight lines being a difficult concept to grasp during a dizzy daze of daiquiris, coloring books just got a whole lot more interesting. The doors of abstract creativity are just waiting to be unlocked with a set of crayons and a big drink. Drunken coloring can even turn into a drinking game, with consequences that will certainly warm the chest if a color lands outside of the lines. Set the mood by playing some music so heavy breathing during a deep train of thought isn’t Saturday night’s soundtrack.



Drinking is an activity Daisuke Inoue, the man who invented Karaoke, had in mind when he created the activity in the ‘70s, according to The Atlantic. Karaoke is (debatably) the national pastime of drunks because it’s the fastest way to get everyone’s attention and a chance to flex the vocal chords you’ve been strengthening in the shower ever since Third Eye Blind released their self-titled album. Karaoke is even better with arms around friends, passing a bottle and screaming the words to “Mr. Brightside.”



It’s 10 a.m. somewhere on a Sunday, and there are a lot of mimosas and bloody Marys strewn about. Throw chicken and waffles and a few friends into the mix and you’ll have what we call “brunch” — the socially acceptable excuse for drinking before noon. Brunch is the perfect preview for a Sunday spent on the beach or clinging to a toilet while saying a prayer.