It’s safe to say the Jacksonville Jaguars have completely amped up their game both on and off the field. They added premium players, like No. 3 overall draft pick quarterback Blake Bortles, and some of the most unique viewing experiences to any NFL stadium. This year, the stadium has two huge one-of-a-kind amenities for game day: larger than life scoreboards and swimming pools.

As you already know, this is one of the most anticipated years to root for the Jaguars with the new, cutting-edge viewing experiences. The 7,200-square-foot scoreboards are the largest video boards of any NFL stadium and have attracted some media attention.

“These stadium upgrades will drastically change the in-stadium experience and create a truly unique environment that you cannot get at home. This will be an eye-opener and an attention-getter for Jacksonville,” said Jaguars President Mark Lamping.

Pool party anyone? The brand new cabana–style seating, located at the north end zone, is the perfect way to enjoy the game. The spa-style, three-foot deep pools are meant for relaxing and having fun with friends. With the all-inclusive food and drinks and shade from the sun, the cabana pools are something to see.

“The experience for fans using the deck will be incomparable. They will have a variety of new offerings on game day that simply don’t exist in other NFL venues,” said Populous Senior Principal, Dennis Wellner, whose primary position has been to oversee the design of stadium facilities for National Football League teams.

Here are all the viewing options to watch the Jaguars at home this season:

  1. Field Seats – Enjoy the field right where the action is taking place. If you’re lucky you could even catch a stray ball. 
  2. Kickoff Club Tables – Get that premium experience with four of your friends at your own table; not to mention some of the best parking.
  3. North End Zone Cabana – The talk of the town, the new cabanas are located on the second level of the north end zone. 
  4. North End Zone Bar Rail – Get the perfect view right down the field, but keep in mind you’ll be right below the new scoreboards. 
  5. At Home – Couldn’t get tickets to the game because you waited until the last minute? No worries! Just grab a six-pack and invite your friends over to support the team.
  6. Local Bar – Supporting local is almost as important as supporting the Jags. Check out any local sports bar for viewing; they’ll have you covered.

With such a variety of places to watch the Jags, there are no excuses not to watch this season’s games. Maybe the season will culminate with a Super Bowl victory. With the new structures in the stadium, anything is possible. No matter where you watch the Jags play this year, cheer on the team, love Jacksonville and shout “Go Jags!”