The older the town, the more nostalgic the experience will be, or at least that’s the feeling obtained in the Old City, also known as St. Augustine.

St Augustine is the oldest city that has been continuously inhabited in the United States. Living in Jacksonville, we are fortunate enough to be as little as a 30-minute drive away.   This video titled, “The Tiny Old City”, captures the essence of St. Augustine throughout its seasonal changes. From summer surf adventures, to walking the Christmas-lit streets at night, there is always something happening in St. Augustine.

The mastermind behind the video is Brady Bigalke, a graduate from Flagler College with a B.A. in Communication and Media Production and now, the founder and director of Noble Light Productions.


Void recently had the opportunity to catch up with Bigalke and got the inside scoop on what inspired him to create the video.

“My idea for ‘The Tiny Old City’ sparked when I learned about tilt-shift photography,” said Bigalke. “As someone who had been in St. Augustine for six-plus years, and saw its beauty and character, I had the idea to visually capture St. Augustine in a unique way for years. When I learned about tilt-shift photography I realized it was exactly what I needed for my idea. It’s a good feeling to give the world a perspective they have never seen before and when there’s a great response to it and people are inspired by it, all the time spent is worth it in the end.”

Bigalke explained that the video took about six months due to all the seasonal events he wanted to include in the short film. The contrast of summer, winter, and day and night was the central theme of the video.

If you are interested in seeing more of Bigalke’s  fascinating videos, visit his website at and watch “The Tiny Old City” below.

The Tiny Old City from Noble Light Productions on Vimeo.