If the pandemic and subsequent economic shutdown has proven anything, it’s the importance of supporting local whenever possible. Whether that’s artists, musicians, artisans and creators, or locally owned eateries, it’s clear that the best of Northeast Florida comes from the Northeast Floridians (duh!).

Culture Crewnecks, local and inspiring coffee table reads. Shop online or swing thru the Void Pop-Up shop to peruse some of our in-store only items. || Photo Wilson Haynes

With local culture in mind, Void’s launching an entire week’s worth of sales on all Void Shop merchandise, from locally designed and printed apparel, to all-local music compilations, to fine art prints featuring the work of local artists, and a Photo Book with images made by local photographers, the Void Shop is your Northeast Florida Culture Supply Co.

Tuesday through Sunday, you can shop many of our products online and receive 20% off your purchase by using the discount code: VOIDFAM. We’ll ship your items to your door, or select “pickup” to swing through the shop on Friday and Saturday, where you can grab your loot and shop some of our in-store only items.

Click the image below to Fill The Void with local gifts. Viva La Void. Viva La Northeast Florida arts and culture!

Click above to Fill The Void.

Fill The Void all week with 20% off web store purchases using the discount code: VOIDFAM at checkout. Sale excludes surfboards (sorry!)

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the Void Shop.

Cool books for your coffee table || Take 20% off Surf Shacks ($60) || or the Void Photo Book ($10)

Hunt ‘Til Death crop hoodie ($40)

Dusty Nomad Void Artist Network Tee ($25)