More of this. LOTS more of this. This afternoon, Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shad Khan, dropped some news on our city. He revealed his plans for the downtown Jacksonville Shipyards. Warning: Your mouth may or may not drop open and your love for this city will only get stronger. We could watch this all day. #dtwd

After watching the video, you can see that the Shipyards are getting a massive upgrade. A Shad Kahn upgrade. The Jags held their State of the Franchise address earlier today, where Khan and Mark Lamping (team president) where joined by senior architect of Populous, Ben Stindt. Populous, who also helped design EverBank field, have provided the new design.


“The Shipyards would give Downtown Jacksonville the kind of iconic identity that many downtown districts in the United States enjoy and we currently lack,” Kahn said. “But it doesn’t work or make sense if it doesn’t provide jobs, boost our economy and self-confidence, stabilize the future of the Jaguars franchise and improve our overall quality of life.  Our proposal to partner with the City of Jacksonville on this project will achieve this and more.”

With the 48-acre piece of land on the north bank of the St. Johns river, they hope to bridge EverBank field to downtown Jacksonville. It’s planned to have a public park space, a river walk, along with other potential options, including residential, office, retail, restaurants, hotels, practice fields and a marina. The U.S.S. Adams will be permanently docked as a museum here, as well.

The Jaguars will plan to have three tiers of practice fields, but there is no set date to start the project as of now.

By: Charles White