Q: What’s worse than a tornado? A: A MF’ing tornado carrying man eating sharks. Enough said!
Ok, so this didn’t happen in the 904. But it did happen last night on the Scyfy network and if you were lucky enough to catch Sharknado you now know what everyone’s worst feat is. A massive tornado that sucks up killer sharks from the ocean and hurls them at your city. Even Hurricane Chantal is not enough to scare away all of the sharks on the East Coast in Syfy’s latest original TV movie Sharknado. During Thursday’s two-hour extravaganza the Twitter-sphere was buzzing as bar owner, Fin (90210’s Ian Ziering) turned chainsaw slinging hero slashes and mangles hundreds of sharks when they are lifted from the ocean into the air by a massive hurricane to wreak havoc on the streets of L.A. — and his family, including ex-wife April (Tara Reid).
You must be asking a million questions: What are the physics? Science? How long can a shark breathe out of water? How does a shark fly? Is there a queen shark? How close do I live to the coast? Is my chainsaw properly oiled and fueled? How is this possible? In the end, the simple answer is: WHO CARES? This is what Sci-fi movies are supposed to be about. Hats off to the creative minds for this soon to be cult classic. We are already looking forward to the sequel.
This quote sums up the movie:
“Mr. Mayor, I am an accomplished Meteorineologist. I know weather and I know sharks. And you, sir? Got BOTH.”
Sharknado movie poster

Official SHARKNADO poster.