Warning: If you’re at all squeamish about wading in the sweet tea-hued waters off North Florida beaches, well… you’re here–despite reading the headline–aren’t you? So let’s just get on with it.

In mid-February the ocean-centric non-profit OCEARCH came across a behemoth of a Great White while cruising just 40 miles off the coast of our beloved Hanna Park Surfing Poles in Mayport. The female shark was caught, tagged, released and even given a cutesy name–Miss May (precious!).

Miss May was quickly tagged and released. You can track her movements at Ocearch.org

Another endearing quality of the adorable 10-footer: missing flesh. “Something happened to Miss May. A bigger shark bit off — or she got wrapped in a longline or something — the top of her tail fin was not there. She’s had a rough go. It looked like the wound was a few weeks old,” Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founding chairman and expedition leader told Florida Today.

This is OCEARCH’s 34th tagging expedition. The city of Jacksonville is currently working on partnership with the organization (who’s profile has grown in recent years thanks in large part to the unique work they do, and, of course, the eye-catching images they produce of their work with some of the most mysterious creatures in the sea) and Jacksonville University.

If you haven’t had enough shark news for the day, you can read more about OCEARCH and/or track a variety of sharks, here. Or check out our friend Matt Soergel‘s piece in the Florida Times-Union about the catch of Miss May, here.