Service industry workers are the best and most insightful to dine out with, especially if it’s the restaurant in which they work. They know the ins-and-outs of what the kitchen is willing to create. For those people that work in the service industry, the words “secret menu” are sometimes feared, though they can also spark creative ingenuity. What is so secret about the secret menu? What most non-service industry workers don’t realize is that if a restaurant has ingredients, they can make whatever it is you like. Voila … secret unleashed.

Of course, the whole reason for going to a restaurant is to have pre-selected and carefully thought up items in place for you to choose from. In the case of the secret menu, foodies and employees alike compile and create secret items from the ingredients they know are behind the kitchen.
Secrettt Menu
The secret behind the secret menu is pure imagination. After working in a restaurant for a certain amount of time, the classic menu items become disdain and obsolete. The workers get tired of selecting the same items over-and-over and often compete with each other to create the best concoction. They know the best complemented food pairings, and the most creative ways to put it together, because let’s be real, they spend way too much time at the restaurant anyways.

Many restaurant chains house competitions between employees to feature a special or secret menu during promotional months. The result: better employee interaction and customer satisfaction. The next time you visit your favorite restaurant and aim to choose the same, tireless item, try thinking outside the box and using items featured in other dishes to create a mouth-watering, flavor-packed combination that might even make it to the secret menu list.