One of the most valuable things to 20-somethings is their freedom.  No longer are we constrained by the confines of adolescence; we can finally make real choices towards our future!  If only our finances had such freedom.  Between that pesky cellphone bill, car insurance, and Netflix subscription, it may seem impossible to have enough “fun” money left over to watch the Jags play this season.

So how can you afford Jaguars tickets?  It might not be as hard as you think.  Money management expert Gail Lewis at 121 Financial Credit Union breaks it down for us:

Make a Goal

Decide what your end goal is and why it’s important for you to have.  For example, Jaguars tickets are a great way to support jobs, the community, city, and it gives you joy to see your favorite team play with your friends and family!

Track your Money

Yes, it sounds annoying, but knowing how you spend your paycheck will help you find financial freedom.  As they say, knowing is half the battle.  Plus, many banks and credit unions provide free online tools that show which categories of spending your money goes to the most.

According to Gail, one of the biggest culprits for paycheck depletion among young adults is eating out.  “You’re gonna feel so much better about yourself being able to put that money aside knowing you were able to save. You’ll have more fun at the game than you do hanging out eating those wings every night and not being able to go to the game.”

Modify Your Habits

Now that you’ve tracked your habits, you may come to some surprising revelations about your spending.  That weekly coffee ritual is really putting a damper on the fun you could be having!  Evaluate what you consider important to keep, and what can change.  That doesn’t mean you have to stop getting that coffee though!  As Gail Lewis puts it, “if it’s a must-have, don’t get rid of it, just maybe change it to once a week as a treat instead of every day.  Get the coffee at work, or make it at home, and then once a week get the coffee as a treat at your place of choice.”

Keep at It!

Those giant scoreboards weren’t built in a day, and neither is financial independence.  Celebrate and revel in those tiny wins.  If you have enough money for a Jags ticket, but not enough to buy food at the game, that’s okay!  Next time you will.  Stay positive, and your finances will too.

8 Things Millennials Waste the Most Money On:

  • Food — Buying groceries is expensive, but offers huge savings potential
  • Savings — Too many millennials save in the wrong way. Take advantage of your 401(k) or Roth IRA!
  • Education — Your total student debt shouldn’t exceed your expected starting salary.
  • Rent — Don’t spend more than 25-30% of your pretax income on housing.
  • Furniture — Distinguish between wants & needs.
  • Electronics — Spend just a little bit more on a quality product, and you’ll save more in the long term. Cheap electronics don’t last.
  • Clothing — Get creative at the local thrift store!  Try clothing swap sites, eBay, or swapping clothes with friends.
  • Transportation — Cabs and gassing up your own car can be expensive.  Try public transportation, walking, or biking instead!