Truth be told, this year’s La Niña pattern has provided Northeast Florida surfers with few days of better-than-meh conditions. In January, for example, a fairly consistent but uneventful tropical storm season gave way to a very summer-like flat spell. So for subtropical-based surfers like Flagler Beach’s Saxon Wilson, the late-January swell event that lit up South Florida was a welcome respite from an otherwise uneventful winter.

Filmmaker Luke Kothera followed Wilson and friends down Interstate-95 in search of cobalt water and a potential refraction swell. Once there, Wilson put a couple of retro crafts to the test on some reeling and visually stunning lefthanders. Kothera’s subsequent edit, South Ends, shows our state looking ever so tropical and highlights Wilson’s gift for jive.

Click play to watch Saxon Wilson take his talents to South Florida.

South Ends from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.