Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your Sriracha.

The city of Irwindale, California is suing the makers of the famous chili sauce for making them literally cry. The Southern California town filed suit on Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Huy Fong Foods, alleging that the sauces odor has caused a public disturbance.

From the looks of it, things were really starting to heat up for the SoCal factory town when the maker of Sriracha opened a 650,000 square foot factory within the city limits. The plant, which can produce up to 200,000 bottles of the hot sauce a day, moved to Irwindale in 2012 in response to an increasing global demand for the hot sauce. While the economic boost has been great for the local economy, some select citizens are ready to depart with the company due to pain and suffering.


The spicy aromas of one of the world’s most beloved sauces has caused the residents of Irwindale’s eyes to water and throats to burn. One man was even quoted saying that when the smell makes it to his front yard “his nose runs and he feels sick”, tragic news according to the townspeople of Irwindale. However, in their defense, the plant is in the middle of a three month chile harvesting cycle, which happens once a year. Apparently, the smell is so aggressive one family had to move a birthday party indoors after the spicy odor covered the area, a birthday party…


Hot Sauce Lawsuit 2

The only thing I can really say is, take one for the team, Irwindale. The last thing we need in just after a government shut down, is a Sriracha factory shut down, which honestly, feels more devastating.