Last week, CNN Money posted an article to its website praising the city of Jacksonville for its thriving start-up scene … A week later, Reggie Brown, city council member, is holding a public meeting regarding a draft ordinance that plans to severely limit the ability of food trucks to operate in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville’s food trucks have rapidly become one of the city’s most popular food trends in recent years, but regardless of all the economic stimulation and cultural excitement these unique food trucks provide, Brown is attempting to legislate our food trucks out of existence. The public meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Mike Field, a founder of  Jax Truckies, wrote an article today on Metro Jacksonville highlighting this long-debated urban issue.

Taken from the article written by Field,

“Among the lowlights of this ordinance: food trucks must have access to restroom facilities within 100 feet of operation (something which is impossible to provide given that a food truck could not provide an ADA-approved restroom on board), ban food trucks within 500 feet of a public park (employees of Everbank and Fidelity would no longer be able to have food trucks on their own property), ban food trucks from entire areas of town outright (even on private property whose underlying zoning allows for the outside sale and service of food by right), require food trucks to close by midnight (however no similar restriction would be placed on any other restaurant in the entire city), would limit on board refrigeration units to a maximum of two storage devices (which effectively limits the amount of sales a food truck could realize by artificially restricting supply) and would severely limit the ability for food trucks to offer catering services in residential or commercially zoned neighborhoods.”

If you love Jacksonville’s food truck scene, sign this petition below and save the food trucks!