The 2015 Big Wave Challenge Party was held on Wednesday, November 25 at Salt Life Food Shack in Jacksonville Beach. Photographer Chris Wilson and surfer Sam Barker took home the biggest prize of $5,000, while Cody Thompson won Best Hack filmed by John Massey, and Oliver Kurtz won Best Huck filmed by Travis Kuhlman. Scroll down for more photos of the event.

Cody Thompson and John IMG_6853 IMG_6680 edited IMG_6705 Corey Howell IMG_6739 edited IMG_6781 edited IMG_6812 John Massey IMG_6822 Edited IMG_6826 Edited IMG_6837 edited IMG_6845 edited IMG_6854 edited IMG_6860 edited IMG_6862 edited IMG_6863 edited IMG_6888 Jay Dodson IMG_6916 Winner