Ahh, Sunday – the day of rest and when the world stops turning. You heard me right … or did you already forget?

As you pull up to the drive-thru and realize the line is non-existent, sudden dread sets in. “S**t. It’s Sunday.” You exit your car, fall to your knees and cry out as your world crumbles yet again because our beloved Chick-fil-A is closed. Heart-rending flashbacks of you spinning in a field clutching a Chick-fil-A sandwich, laughing and remembering the good times you had flood your thoughts. You sink down to the cold asphalt and sob.

Fear not my Southern gents and ladies, because I am an expert in overcoming this great tragedy of our time. You can call me the protagonist of this tale, if you’d like. With a hectic and busy schedule, I too, long for Chick-fil-A on Sunday, my only day off.

Since fried chicken is part of my daily diet, here are my top five places to go to cure my Chick-fil-A craving:


Hoptinger’s chicken donut is sure to satisfy your cravings.


On the subject of goin’ hard during brunch, let’s take a gander around the crazy idea of the chicken donut (featured above). Yes. It’s a real menu item and it is oh-so goooooood. I’m not even going into too much detail about this, because you need to devour it for yourself. Just do it.

Blind Rabbit

This is the king of classic fried chicken sandwiches. Served on a Brioche bun with homemade bread and butter pickles, this plate of juicy tenderness will keep your mouth watering for days. Pair it with a Front Porch Iced Tea and you have yourself one fine dining experience.

Sandollar Restaurant & Marina

In my book, Blind Rabbit and Sandollar Restaurant & Marina share the title of best classic fried chicken sandwich. You’ll be amazed at the size of this savory dish, and I can guarantee it will double as a second meal for later. Mmm, just thinking about it has my stomach growling. Plus, nothing can beat the view of the water from the deck.

Metro Diner

If you live in Jacksonville, then there’s no way you haven’t heard about Metro Diner’s chicken and waffles, which explains the crazy line out the door each day. The wait is beyond worth it though, my friends. Once you have experienced the deliciousness of this gorgeous meal, there’s no going back.

Angie’s Grom

Oh how we love thee. Grom has many tasty chicken items, but one of my absolute favorites is the golden nuggets. Once a “Beach Buds” classic, Grom has brought it back with their own take to satisfy our intense hunger. It’s made with love and Peruvian sauce, the perfect combination for one heck of a meal.

Nothing can replace our passion for good ol’ Chick-fil-A, but these places around our neck of the woods are some amazing alternatives … or maybe even replacements? I’m thrilled I could share with you my personal favorites, but there’s no need to thank me …

It was my pleasure.