Our good friend Gwynne Mims, owner and amazing stylist of Gwynne Mims Salon in Riverside, helped teach us easy how-to hair tricks perfect for any occasion! This first tutorial teaches us how easy it is to create a gorgeous rope braid with some fresh flowers as a final touch at the end! This is the ultimate summer look and might be your new wedding day hair style!


Step by step:

1. Start with dry hair, pull through a styling creme or mousse to give the hair more control as you work.

2. Part the hair down the center, from the front hairline down to the nape of the neck.

3. On one side of the part, take a small (2/3ā€ horizontal section) and split the section in two.

4. Twist the two sections around each other.

5. Moving up the head, grab a small amount of hair from the hairline and add it to the closest section of the twist, continue to wrap.

6. Continue around the head, with each twist grabbing a small section of hair and adding it to your sections.

7. When you reach the back of the head, gather the rest of the leftover hair and continue to twist.

8. Bring the leftover twisted rope up and around the head and pin it alongside the original twist.

9. Secure in several points with bobby pins.

10. Gently pull the braid apart to give it a soft, loose texture.

11. Finish the look with a little hairspray!