Sorry, but this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. It looks as though certain members of City Council aren’t so keen on the vibrant scene that the Riverside neighborhood has become in recent years.

The new Zoning Overlay Proposal, which you can read in full here via Metro Jax, includes details about calling for the closure if all new restaurants by 8 p.m. (WTF?) This means it will be illegal to sell food to-go, as well as limiting new restaurants opening in the future to 60 seats in the “Historic Residential Character Areas.” Of course, this still needs to be passed unanimously by City Council, but if they hear nothing against it from the public, who knows what could happen.

This is a map of the new zoning proposal:


Personally, I wouldn’t leave it up to the “GET OFF MY LAWN” community to be the only ones voicing their opinion on the subject. For those who want to help the effort to stop this terrible decision from happening, check out the City of Jacksonville’s website here for more information on the zoning committee. Take it a step further and email Jim Love at and let him know you oppose 2016-580.