Photographer Richard Kelley, a Floridian from Pembroke Pines, has recently decided to display his beautiful new photography exhibition titled, “Waiting: A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane.” The show highlights Kelley’s stunning work of historic Formula One moments from behind the scenes. Kelley is noted as documenting some of the most gripping and raw moments from the adrenaline-fueled sport. For this exhibition, Kelley documented Formula One events from 1972 until 1984, freezing some of the sport’s most iconic drivers, teams and other characters from the 1970s Grand Prix era. On Kelley’s website, the photographer said this about his series, “I believe they offer unique impressions of amazing driver’s and athletes, and moments that changed their lives forever.” From the immense celebrations of a Grand Prix win, to the crushing moments of a disappointing race, Kelley’s lens captures all the ups and downs of Formula One.

View a small selection of Kelley’s work below, and visit his website for more information.

Kelley 1

Kelley 2

Kelley 3

Kelley 4

Kelley 5