The Statue of Liberty shed a tear this morning because Burger King’s cheesiest creation is now available nationwide to the children and adults of the United States of America. It’s called Mac n’ Cheetos and they are surprisingly satisfying … and American AF.

Actually, who are we kidding, nothing is surprising about that conclusion. This 310-calorie hand-held explosion of cheesy flavor blew me away as soon as I saw it advertised on television (mainly wondering WTF). It is the marriage of traditional macaroni and cheese and the cool, crispiness of a Cheeto. But don’t expect to escape the clutches of “Cheeto fingers.”

Photo by Justin Belichis

Photo by Justin Belichis

Packaging – 4/5 

The five-piece order of Mac n’ Cheetos comes in a cute little carryout container, reminiscent of what would normally house an order of fries. But this packaging is different. It’s a small suitcase that arguably packs the same punch as the Ark of the Covenant.

Just looking at it, you know something iconic is about to go down. Just take a look at its vibrant warm colors and wild graphic design. That and the immortal collaboration between these two brands is the best thing to happen since Taco Bell teamed up with Doritos.

Taste – 3/5

Burger King’s unique spin on cheese sticks tastes wonderful. But it didn’t spark a flavor-invoked epiphany or anything. It reminds me of powdered cheese, like if you don’t add enough water to Easy Mac.

According to Forbes, Mac n’ Cheetos come with a ranch dipping sauce. My local Burger King didn’t include one in my order. But I assume it is terrifyingly tasty covered in America’s favorite dipping sauce.

Texture – 4/5

The Mac n’ Cheetos casing is this item’s saving grace. Its crispy, almost flaky crust redefines the typical confines of a cheese stick, and it didn’t cut the roof of my mouth. It almost feels like the same texture as the outside of a jalapeño popper.

Because it is crusty, it will be hard to avoid getting flakes on your fingertips. But this in itself is just another variable in the Mac n’ Cheetos experience.

Photo by Justin Belichis

Photo by Justin Belichis

Presentation – 2/5

These dark orange, slightly curved snacks look sad. I was hoping for something bright and covered in powder, similar to how Cheetos Puffs look. If Burger King side items are comparable to ‘80s slasher flick antagonists, this is Freddy Krueger. 

Total: 3.5/5

Mac N’ Cheetos are available nationwide as of June 27 at participating locations for a limited time. Prepare to be “meh … these are kinda cool.”