Justin Quintal is the best longboarder in the world. Shall we make the case?

At last count, Quintal’s the winningest invitee at Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational–the rogue, world-traversing longboard contest, which has long served as a defacto world championship. And, after returning to a newly reimagined World Surf League longboard tour, Quintal put together a dominant campaign, winning three of four events, including the Championship in Taiwan, to become the WSL world champ. Checkmate!

But the world’s best logger has a not so secret secret: he rips on a shortboard. Scandalous!

During a recent run of swell, local moving-picture maker Luke Kothera captured video evidence of logmaster JQuinny putting a pearly white blade through the paces at a playful Northeast Florida wedge. The style-y pig-dog stalls, powerful hacks, and–gasp–punts in Kothera’s short, “Not so Secret”, prove our famous surf export is more than just a logmaster.

Click play to watch JQuinny divulge his secret talents.

NOT SO SECRET from Luke Kothera on Vimeo.