It was 3 p.m. and the mid-afternoon sunshine at the Jacksonville Landing paired well with Red Bull’s 2014 Matercraft X-Star. Water sports professionals from around the area were invited to participate in a day of wake surfing, Red Bull drinking, and film making behind the slick 23-foot vessel.


The participants included Evan Geiselman, Cody Thompson, Tristan Thompson, Jake McGuire, Justin Quintal and Brian Grubb. Conditions on the water were not favorable, but nevertheless the pros managed to surf some good wake. The Thompson brothers always put on a good show, and had some of the largest turns of the day. Cody started off the session, followed up by World Champion Quintal walking the nose of his longboard with the Jacksonville skyline as his background. McGuire showed off his multi-tasking skills by busting airs and drinking an ice cold Red Bull simultaneously.


As the sun set, Red Bull team rider Geiselman, otherwise known as “Golden,” ended the evening with some backside turns at golden hour. A big thanks to Dustin Schumacher for organizing a great day on the water!