“I’ve got surf gear, kite gear, and golf clubs in the back of my car,” brags local surf star Cody Thompson in a new and very Jax-centric film from Stab Magazine.

A crew from Stab was in town in November for the annual (though super secret this year) Red Bull Night Riders. The resulting content piece not only plays up the electricity and novelty of the yearly nocturnal tow-at contest. It also takes a deep dive into the surf-y culture that makes Jax (arguably) the coolest big surf city in America.

No arguments here!

Set to an all-local soundtrack and featuring dozens of faces from Northeast Florida’s lineups, it’s certainly a nice ode to Jax–maybe a little too nice.

So if you’re watching from elsewhere, just know: The surf is no good here. The weather is horrible. And there’s nothing to do.