Red Bull Illume is the worlds largest photography contest dedicated to the exciting world of action and adventure sports. After gathering the greatest action sports photos on the planet, the quest has finally ended with German photographer, Lorenz Holder has the Overall Winner.

“There are talented photographers and then there are gifted photographers,” said Jym Wilson, senior photo editor at USA Today and one of 50 Red Bull Illume judges. “I saw a lot of talent but also saw some truly gifted photographers. These are not just action photographers but people with great technical and artistic skills.”

Here are some of the final photos:


cl13_008429_008445-media-web il13_012575_009196-media-web cl13_006793_007345-media-web ex13_012388_007415-media-web IndianAir - en13_003336_005881-media-web matt hunter does a 45 foot gap step up to wall ride in kamloops, bc, canada


The overall winner, Lorenz Holder

To view all of the amazing photos, please visit Red Bull Illume

The Top 50 Red Bull Illume Winners:
Overall Winner: Lorenz Holder (GER), Playground
Athletes’ Choice: Morgan Maassen (USA), Lifestyle by Leica
Category winners are in bold below.

(AUS) Stuart Gibson
(IRE) George Karbus
(NED) Jeroen Nieuwhuis
(SUI) Claudio Casanova
(USA) Morgan Maassen

(ARG) Juan Cruz Rabaglia
(CAN) Jussi Grznar
(CZE) Daniel Vojtěch
(EST) Jaanus Ree
(GER) Lorenz Holder

(CAN) Sterling Lorence
(FIN) Rami Hanafi
(SUI) Romina Amato
(SUI) David Carlier
(USA) Christian Pondella

(CAN) Jussi Grznar
(ESP) Ismael Ibañez Ruiz
(USA) Morgan Maassen
(USA) Theodore Van Orman
(USA) Jimmy Wilson

(CAN) Scott Serfas
(CAN) Jody MacDonald
(SUI) Nicolas Jutzi
(USA) Clark Fyans
(USA) Ryan Taylor

(AUS) Stuart Gibson
(IRE) George Karbus
(POL) Rafal Meszka
(USA) Dave Lehl
(USA) Chris Burkard

(AUS) Martin Lugger
(CAN) Paul Bride
(GER) Lorenz Holder
(ITA) Olaf Pignataro
(USA) Scott Dickerson

(AUT) Rainer Eder
(CAN) Ray Demski
(GER) Florian Breitenberger
(GER) Lorenz Holder
(SWE) Elias Kunosson

(CAN) Scott Serfas
(FRA) Vince Perraud
(GBR) Dan Carr
(USA) Blotto Gray
(USA)  Zakary Noyle

(AUS) Krystle Wright
(GRE) Dimitrios Kontizas
(SLO) Samo Vidic
(USA) Lucas Gilman
(USA) Benjamin Ginsberg

A big shout-out and congrats to Jimmy Wilson! Jimmy is a St. Augustine native and Associate Photo Editor at Surfing Magazine. His outstanding ability behind the camera has allowed for him to become a finalist in the 2013 Red Bull Illume. Though this photo didn’t win overall, we still think it’s the greatest photo ever. GO JAGS!