The weather outside was frightful (nearing 107 degrees with the heat index), but the fire brought by our eclectic group of performers–all artists featured on Void on Vinyl Vol. 1 and 2–was so delightful!

Yes, outside of Riverside’s ultra-cool live music venue, Nighthawks, it felt like standing on the surface of the sun. But inside felt like the center of the Northeast Florida music universe, beginning with St. Augustine singer-songwriter DL is OK at 6 p.m. and into the wee hours of the morning with Riverside’s mighty 10-piece Afro-Cuban Salsa band LPT. Folk is People ramped up the energy with an electric set of tunes and Mr. Al Pete worked the growing crowd. Trail Diver had energy to spare, while Geexella got the audience involved and riled up for L.O.V.E. Culture. The Young Step melted faces and just when we thought things couldn’t get any more raucous, well… LPT went on.

Photo: LPT in full-flight, shot by Jesse Brantman

Big shoutouts to Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Hoptinger, Taco Lu, and The Hotel Palms for sponsoring the record and, of course, Nighthawks for sponsoring the record & hosting the show. And big thanks to Northeast Florida music fans, who came out in force, selling out the venue and showing love to the bands all evening.

Here’s a recap of choice shots from our friends Jesse Brantman, Ryan Montez, and Toni Smailagic.

Mr. Al Pete mixing with the crowd by Montez
Trail Diver feeling it! by Montez
Geexella had the crowd chanting their name. Not like they wouldn’t have remembered! Photo: Montez
Good times. Great friends. Photo: Smailigic
The scene as captured by Smailigic
All the feels on Saturday. Smailagic
An intersection of fashion and music in Riverside. Smailagic
L.O.V.E Culture was in an energetic league of its own. Smailigic.
The Center of the NEFL music universe for Saturday night: Nighthawks. Photo: Smailigic.
“You Know,” if you know. The Young Step by Brantman.
Always a cool party when the Young Step make it out. Brantman.
Headliners, LPT, bringing it! Photo: Brantman
The Mighty, LPT. Photo: Brantman
Shoutouts galore! See you next time. Photo: Brantman