The XX Florida Theatre

While most were watching the Superbowl this Sunday, nearly 2000 people flocked to the sold-out show at The Florida Theatre, Downtown Jacksonville’s historic venue. The reason any red-blooded American would miss the Superbowl? To watch English indie-pop band The xx perform with Austra at one of the best shows the downtown area has hosted. xx band member, Oliver Slim, even took a moment to thank the crowd for missing the big game and coming to watch their performance.

The xx began their set with a white curtain covering the stage blocking the audience’s view of the band. A projected image then appeared on the screen as a pool of colors boiled and melted until the curtain dropped displaying the band and beginning their performance. The xx played songs from both their self-titled debut album, xx, and album Coexist, released September 2012. Between the spot on vocals, and vibrant light show accompanying the performance, the entire experience was entrancing.

Performing alongside The xx on Sunday was Austra, a seemingly surprise act, that was much to the delight of the crowd. The Canadian electronic music band from Toronto played the opening set for The xx playing songs from their debut studio album Feel It Break. The band composed of vocalist/keyboardist Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepski and bassist Dorian Wolf wowed the packed theatre and the Canadian trio received tremendous applause from the crowd after their performance.

Overall, The xx was one of the best shows that Jacksonville has seen and was received as such. The crowd was super responsive to the band and the band seemed just as grateful. Plus, The Florida Theatre was the perfect venue to hold such an event, and we’re fully supportive of them bringing in more bigger name indie acts, such as The xx.