The sold-out show on April 17 was yet another exceptional performance by LA-based Local Natives, who landed the number 9 spot on our Top 25 Albums of 2013 with their sophomore album Hummingbird. After hearing about this concert several months ago, I severely underestimated the crowd the indie-rock band would draw to JAX Beach … these guys are supposedly “indie” after all. To my surprise, the tickets sold out well in advance, and the crowd was one of the biggest I have seen at Freebird Live in recent years.

Local Natives, who have never toured through the Bold City before this concert, brought with them an unknown act by the name of Moses Sumney. The self-described, soul-folk singer was an interesting opening act, to say the least, but kept the crowd thoroughly entertained for the duration of his brief set. Sumney’s solo-set consisted of looping together various vocals, and coupling this with rhythmic claps and guitar riffs.

After Sumney’s one-off performance, Local Natives took the stage as the packed venue began to whoop and holler for the band they had been waiting all night to see. Luckily, the band showed no signs of the post-meal grogginess after eating at local restaurant, The Blind Rabbit, just before the show. Local Natives are great performers, and that’s an understatement. The set was high-energy, seductive and captivating. Throughout the performance, I kept thinking they would run out of steam, but the group kept the train going song after song. The set was a nice mix of their debut album, Gorilla Manor, and their second album, Hummingbird. The pacing was spot on, and the California natives were even kind enough to accept the crowd’s cheers for an encore.

If Local Natives decide to come back to town, like I’m pretty sure I heard Taylor Rice say before leaving the stage, you had better be there.