I’m excited to announce that there is a new reality kid on the block, and it doesn’t involve roses or screaming ex-performers or wives. Angela Watercutter writes, “A Reality Show About Magicians, Because Why the Hell Not,” giving notice to a new show, “Wizard Wars,” which made its appearance on the network channel, SyFy on March 4. “Wizard Wars” is a series about Las Vegas illusionists who compete by using random objects to invent a trick or illusion. The winner of the round then competes against one of the wizards, a panel of experts with the likes of the World Championship of Magic winner Gregory Wilson, Justin Flom and mentalist Angela Funovitz. Judged by Penn and Teller, Latimer, and Christen Gerhart, the ultimate winner gets $10,000 and gains ongoing credibility in the community. Contestants are Blake Vogt, Chris Funk, Landon Swank and Marcus Eddie. Rick Lax, the creator of the show, has been working to make this pilot become a reality for a year, and his hard work has finally paid off because now these acclaimed Las Vegas performers get to showcase their skills in a way that audience members can now see from behind the scenes of how an illusion can be made. If you want to catch the series, check into SyFy on March 4.

John Schmidt, photo by Schmidt

Las Vegas is not the only city with bright lights that has magicians moonlighting. John Schmidt, a local bartender, is also a magician and is planning on launching a pilot series locally. He is the vice president of JaxFlair, with president, Dennis Simon. Card and smoke tricks, fire spitting and spinning with bottles, these illusionists can do more than just invent ways to entertain. They also offer a complete training series for other bartenders, both aspiring and experienced. Additionally, they host parties, hold mixology workshops, provide cocktail catering, and even have plans to start a reality show based around flair bartenders, magic tricks, hula-hooping, promo girls and pranks featuring a circus-act crew. Schmidt explains the reality show as “one-of-a-kind,” with the intention of highlighting the bartending and service industry, featuring a funny and interesting twist. To check out Dennis Simon and John Schmidt’s tricks of the trade, and to stay tuned to their upcoming pilot show, featuring local talents, go to JaxFlair.com. I promise to keep you tuned in to the newest illusion-inspired pilot as it lifts off, because who doesn’t like a little bit of magic?

Watch the pilot for “Wizard Wars” below.