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The Drink Issue—July 2018

Drinking, in and of itself, is a pointless endeavor. But, it’s very much OK to love things that are pointless. And Drinking is one of those compulsions—like making music or art, cooking, or surfing—from which culture can be defined, relationships can be forged, and redeeming initiatives (like making magazines) can be born.

Next Up—#1 in the 904

The polls have closed and the results are in! The #1 in the 904 Issue is Void’s most anticipated issue of the year. With over 150 winners chosen by thousands of voters, this issue has grown to reflect the best in Northeast Florida food and drink, people and places, shopping and services, and more.

 On August 1, 2017, 30,000+ high-quality, full-color, collectable Void Magazines will be distributed to over 420+ locations throughout North Florida. Don’t let your business end up dry on the rocks. Tap into a thirsty audience with a creative advertising campaign through Void.


Advertising Space Deadline: July 11

1 Magazine Drops:  August


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