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January – Rad Pads

We take you inside the distinctive abodes of some of the most unique characters calling Northeast Florida home. Whether humble or ostentatious, these pads are rad. 


February – Bold Bites

Consistently one of the most popular issues, each year we dig into some of the boldest eats from across the region. From interviews with and profiles of compelling culinary characters to features chronicling the region’s ever-evolving food scene, this issue is packed with food porn and highly readable content; all of which is sure to make you salivate.

On February 1, 2020, 30,000+ high-quality, full-color, collectable Void Magazines will be distributed to over 420+ locations throughout North Florida. Don’t let your business end up dry on the rocks. Tap into a thirsty audience with a creative advertising campaign through Void.

Advertising Space Deadline: January 9

Magazine Drops:  February 1


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