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JUN 2021 | Drink

Featuring profiles of the spirited characters making, mixing, and pouring our spirits, coffee, and other beverages, our Drink Issue proves drinking to be one of those compulsions—like making music or art, cooking, or surfing—from which culture is defined, relationships are forged, and redeeming initiatives, like the making magazines, are born.

UP NEXT:  JUL 2021 | Music

We’re back to our monthly stride and we’re turning the volume up on the region’s return to live, in-person concerts, bringing the latest from Northeast Florida’s most innovative artists, locally-focussed venues and impresarios, and the culture surrounding the scene. 

The first week in July we’ll drop 15,000+ high-quality, full-color, collectable Void Magazines at 200+ locations throughout Northeast Florida. Don’t let your business end up dry on the rocks. Tap into a thirsty audience with a creative advertising campaign through Void.

Advertising Space Deadline: June 18

Magazine Drops:  July 1


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